a much needed update

February 18, 2009

Hm, let’s see I actually did visit 6th on Halloween and it was craziness as expected. However, I did see a couple of Greenman’s

which made me happy, 5 in all I think. And I did visit Trail of Lights…it looks the same every year but I think the company I went with made it fun 😀

Oh my, so much has happened I don’t know where to begin.

Well, seeing as how this is Texas I feel football is a good topic to start on.

  •  Texas vs. A&M: After a truly appreciated Thanksgiving visit to San Antonio (:D) I went to the rival game with Stephen

and needless to say it was awesome because A&M sucked.. haha

  •  FIESTA BOWL! OMG we went to the Fiesta Bowl (although I still wish we went to Orange Bowl in Miami, but at least it was something)  I took a trip with Texan people (and one person from TSTV) and it was fun to go on an actual road trip. Everyone’s a character and it was nice to spend time with my partner in crime, Gloria, before she left for Spain. Stayed at my aunt & uncles house with their dog cowboy and got to visit Sedona and spend time with them. The game was lackluster in the first half, not going to lie both teams were disappointing. Someone must have said something in the locker room at half time though because UT came back with a vengeance and started scoring touchdowns. Then it was down to the wire, and the last 32 seconds I was so frightened, but I still believed in them. And then they won in the last couple of seconds…and it made the trip what it was 😀

Other than that I’ve just been trying to embrace every day this semester because its the last *womp womp*


What’s next

October 29, 2008

As the semester comes to a close I feel like there is still more stuff to do besides what I have done in the past.

First of all, I still have to go to 6th street and experience all the Halloween madness.

Not to mention Trail of Lights for the holiday season.

When the weather finally warms up again it will be nice to go to Barton Springs.

Are there more things that you still want to do? Or has time run out? If it has, what did you wish you had done?

Spazzing out Cedar Street Style

October 29, 2008

I hate to sound pretentious but sometimes the 6th street scene gets old.

I can only take so much of people stumbling on my feet, drunk slurring, and vomit.

So my friends and I decided to check out 4th street aka Cedar street aka more tame clubbing

Someone had suggested to us that we see the Spazmatics, an 80’s cover band that performs on Wednesday nights at 208 W. 4th St.

I’m not the biggest 80s fan, but I can sing along to some Journey, some Duran Duran. If it was a top 80’s hit I probably know it. Luckily, that is exactly what they play!

The guys do some pretty impressive covers, and the audience is always singing along, which is what I love about live performances. And somehow after this they travel to Houston to perform every Thursday.

I know it’s been a good time when I still have “Don’t Stop Believin” stuck in my head

Sit In

October 29, 2008

With such a huge university like UT it’s hard to enroll in all the fun classes you hear about:

  • Dr. Garza from the Dept of Slavic Studies teaches a course on Vampire studies
  • Dr. Bonevac teaches a philosophy course using The Simpsons and other forms of popular culture
  • Human Sexuality- need I say more

So, I decided to sit in on a class that I thought was an interesting topic, Rhetoric of Popular Music. It’s a CMS class that is taught in the CMA auditorium from 11:00- 12:15 by Professor Gunn. Because it is in the auditorium it is easy for me to sit in and blend in with the students. Ironically enough, the first time I sat in there was a pop quiz for the students. It was pretty embarrassing to hand in a blank scantron to a TA who wasn’t even in charge of me.

As that quiz finished we started talking about semiotics and such. But quickly the conversation turned to “what do you like” referring to the students. Or asking if anyone was familiar with the Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus. Very few if any owned up to knowing them.

The professor was very laid back and seemed to know a lot about different genres of music. It felt good to be in a class with no pressure, no homework, and best of all…NO GRADE.

Paying tribute

October 29, 2008

Austin, being the Live Music Capital of the World, sure knows how to treat their musicians. Even those that are no longer with us.

By request of my brother, I visited the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue near Auditorium Shores.

Before I went I knew who he was, and heard maybe one or two songs. But by mi hermanos request I youtubed some live performances to get a better idea of who this man really was.

I must say, I am impressed by his skills.

The statue has been around since 1994, and every year on the anniversary of his death (August 26) fans bring by mementos to remember him.

I must admit, visiting the statue in person really drives in the sense of how important he was not just to music, but to the city as well.


October 29, 2008

No…not 6th street clubbin’…a university club!

When I first came to UT I was not part of any on-campus groups. It wasn’t until my spring semester that I started volunteering at TSTV…oh the memories.

Currently I am working at the Texan. I wouldn’t really consider either of the two clubs per se, they are more like jobs that suck up a lot of time, but will pay off in the end by providing experience and insight into what does and does not work for me. So as I entered my last year I decided I had to check out at least one campus club; the problem was picking one of out of the hundreds.

After I finished my fourth semester of Spanish, and was no longer required to do anymore, I started worrying about how I would continue mi pequeno knowledge of espanol.

Mi amiga mejor me dijo sobre un club “Conversation and Culture Club” which meets every Tuesday. I decided to give that one a try since it would help me with conversational Spanish/ introduce me to new people.

The first meeting there were so many people, it always works like that. They were from everywhere: Japan, South Korea, China, Mexico, India, Pakistan, and more. Most of the people were there to learn Spanish, so much that we had to split off into our own room.

I sat with the beginners because I was too nervous to be in intermediate. The CCC members and officers create an atmosphere of “its okay to mess up” which I did plenty of times. I continued to go back another 3 times, before I got scheduled to work on Tuesday nights.

Losing my religion

October 29, 2008

I must admit, since coming to college my habit of church-going has become none.

The campus is surrounded by churches, synagogues, temples  yet I have never stepped into one of them. So when my second podcast event at the Our Lady of Guadalupe church approached, a part of me was anxious to get back to that atmosphere.

Every year the OLoG hosts Jamaica (pronounced huh-my-kah) which means “bazaar” in Spanish.

Jamaica started out as a way to raise funds to pay back for the construction of the church way back when, but now it helps funds programs that the church organizes or helps with.

I got the feeling that those participating in Jamaica hardly saw it as a fundraiser. To me, it was a convergence of a community. One that is rarely noticed or talked about. Everything from the food to the musical performances showcase what the people of the church and the community were all about. It felt good to be back in that atmosphere, even if it was just as a spectator.


October 29, 2008

As part of my podcast series I visited a bar in East Austin that hosts a Poetry slam every Wednesday night. I have never been to one, so I was expecting stereotypical things that I have seen in movies or television shows. However, when I arrived at the Scoot Inn there were no hand drums, no sunglasses, and people were not snapping their fingers as a form of ovation.

The breakdown of the poetry slam is this:

  • Contestants have two chances to wow the audience. Judges in the audience demonstrate how impressed they are with scoreboards and applause, not snapping.
  • They cannot have any accompaniment, everything must be done “with their own damn body”
  • Scores are added up after two rounds and the contestant with the higher average wins.

There were some really good contestants. The fact that they had the courage to perform in front of an audience is what impresses me the most. By far my favorite was the ode to Oprah.

The Runaround

October 29, 2008

Ahh…Town Lake, excuse me, Lady Bird Johnson Lake. How you are a much more better trail for running than Houston’s humid Memorial Park Trail. However, you have always defeated me.

Ever since I was introduced to this trail the summer of my sophomore year I have never been able to run the entire 3-mile loop without stopping. I’d usually get about halfway- and on a good weather day 3/4 of the way before having to take a break because I had a cramp in my side. But not this semester. I was determined to beat that trail.

I trained with my friend who plans to run a marathon in February. Her running domination motivated me to try and be on her level.

Other tips from “Time for Fitness”

  • Stretch
  • Water
  • Create a playlist to correspond to your routine
  • Invest in a pair of good running shoes

After countless run-ins with the trail I was able to accomplish 3 consecutive miles. Unfortunately, I have not had time to go back since

Relax…just do it

October 29, 2008

It’s no secret that college students have some of the worst sleeping habits. Heck, juggling 15 hours and a job is not the easiest thing to do. According to a study done by Professor Pamela Thacher at St. Lawrence University, lack of sleep does not help on finals.

So after the first round of midterms I decided to get some rest…on campus.

There are two outside places that I know of for sure to help relax students.

First, main mall. All you need is nice weather and a dry patch of grass as to not get your clothes stained.

Second, the turtle pond. Many people get lost in their thoughts just starting at them. But I’ve seen them plenty of times to know what they looked like, and I recommend sleeping on the grass.